We were cornered by the fat man yesterday.  We’d taken the rookie to a local library, to get practice blending with her peer group.  Suddenly I heard bells, and turned around to see the fat man walking in the room.  I was frozen with fear, expecting his agents to follow him in.  But when he started questioning each of the rookie’s peer group, I thought we might just get through it, if the rookie could keep her cool and not give herself away.

I could tell the rookie was afraid, too, but she screwed up her courage and walked right up to the fat man.  And, by God, if she didn’t tell him our ransom demands!  I even heard her taunt him, saying that she’d leave him cookies at our house.

I expected an explosion of wrath right then and there, but I think the fat man appreciated her courage, and he just laughed.

I followed the rookie’s lead, and acted casual.  She even swiped a couple of cookies and candy canes on the way out! I’m beginning to wonder which one of us is in charge of this operation.

I only pray that we weren’t followed home.  If the fat man were able to recover the hostage, we’d be doomed.

10 days until our deadline.  I’m not sure we’re going to make it…

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