Web2py Experiments

Okay, right off the bat I’d like to get the religious arguments out of the way.

Yes, I understand the objections that many people have to Web2py on the basis of what I’ll call “Python purity”. Those objections are valid in specific circumstances, but shouldn’t be used as a blanket condemnation of the framework. I’m not interested in debating those objections, because they don’t apply in my case.

There are better reasons to argue against using Web2py in production sites, among them the lack of a developer community that could continue the project after the death of the person who wrote the framework, the lack of highly scalable examples of its use, etc.

Those reasons also don’t apply in my case.

What I’m interested in doing here is to experiment with the framework to see if its approach to developing web applications seems valid. I want to write a site that will get some use, and see how well the framework does scale. I want to see how well it facilitates initial development, along with how well it facilitates changes later.

Based on that experience, I’ll make my own informed judgement of the framework that will be more valuable to me than any number of arguments based on language purity.

So, feel free to comment on any of the Web2py posts, but be warned that any comment that simply dredges up the purity argument won’t be approved or responded to. I am interested, though, in comments from people who have tried Web2py and have reasons to like it and/or dislike it based on their experiences.

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