Where To Start?

When you first start Web2py, you’re presented with a basic site that gives you access to administrative functions of the framework. There’s an excellent wizard that will generate a lot of the boilerplate of an application for you, especially an application that’s mostly database manipulation.

My advice is to ignore the wizard.

The problem for someone wanting to learn Web2py is that the wizard provides too large a set of boilerplate, and if you don’t understand how to create that boilerplate from scratch, you’re not going to understand it when you look at it already done.

So start from the basics. Go through the Web2py Book and start by writing a model and controller that displays information using the default view. Then create a customized view for that controller. All of this goes pretty quickly, thanks to the framework, but actually going through the process allows you to learn how everything is hooked together.

After you’ve written an application this way, I imagine you’d be able to make good use of the boilerplate generated by the wizard.

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