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Welcome to the home page for Crossover Earth '98. Crossover Earth is a superhero role-playing game with a slightly different slant. In a traditional role-playing game, the players have little control over events on a grand scale; they simply react to what the GM throws their way. In Crossover Earth the players and GM cooperate in plot development, with each turn's results chronicled in the Crossover Earth Gazette by player written stories.

In Crossover Earth, each player has two characters, a hero and a villain (each player is required to play each character). Heroes defend the world and generally respond to the actions of villains. Villains plot behind the scenes and create much of the subterfuge and double-dealing happening in the world. The plans of villains can have as much effect on the game world as the plans of the GM.

Crossover Earth has seen at least two incarnations before this (and possibly more).   The original Crossover Earth was run by Ken St. Andre during the mid '80s.  I played and was an assistant GM in Crossover Earth II, which was run by Tori Bergquist during the late '80s.  Ken St. Andre coined the term Crossover Earth to refer to a gaming world where characters drawn from all over comics could live and encounter one another.  I'm using the name for Crossover Earth '98 with his permission.  Thanks Ken!

Unfortunately, due to the demands of a Master's program on the GM, the Crossover Earth '98 campaign has been stopped.  You can still use the links below to see what we were all about and to read back issues of the gazette.  If you are interested in playing a Crossover Earth type of game, take a look at Titans of Tomorrow

These links will give you more details on Crossover Earth. We hope you enjoy your stay!

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