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The following links contain pictures of notable personalities in the CE '98 universe.   Some of these links duplicate images on character sheets.

Pictures not on character sheets:

Blackjack, part of Old Glory's FBI team, by Seth Fisher (

Black Priest, by Paulo Pereira

Centurion, part of Old Glory's FBI team, by by Seth Fisher (

Doppleganger, by Paulo Pereira

Katsumi, Avalon's apprentice, by Michael Surbrook

Kayli, from Monkey in the Lone Star's Shadow, by Michael Surbrook

Macha, by Paulo Pereira

Misfit, by Paulo Pereira

Old Glory, by Josh Figueroa

Sandstone, by Paulo Pereira

Stronghold, part of Old Glory's FBI team, by Seth Fisher (

Pictures from character sheets:

Avalon, by Michael Surbrook

Blur, by Paulo Pereira

Dynamo, by Scott Couchman

Kayli the Destroyer, by Michael Surbrook

Lady Arachne, by Michael Surbrook

The Leader of the Cult of Lordruu, by Scott Bennie

Mastiff, by Paulo Pereira

Mark Battle, by Scott Bennie

Old Glory, in his Golden Age days, by Michael Surbrook

Saber, by Scott Couchman

Totem, by Josh Figueroa

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