Crossover Earth '98


The current game of Crossover Earth is called Earth-1. If other games are started, they'll be on parallel worlds numbered sequentially (and yes, they'll all be in the same multiverse with interaction possible between them). Given the GM's time, however, multiple games are unlikely.

The plan for Earth-1 is to start running turns in January.  This means that introduction stories for each character would be due January 12th.  These don't need to be origin stories, but should give other players a feel for the character.  I would like to have character writeups (backgrounds and description of powers) to me by mid-December if at all possible.

Player Character List  (for additional pics, here's a gallery)

Non-Player Character List

Current Gazette

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Turn Schedule: Turns run on a monthly cycle, both in real time and game time.  After feedback by players, we're currently on a two month on/one month off cycle.  We run turns January, Februrary, April, May, July, August, October, and November.  The off months give players a chance to catch up on story writing and take a breather.

The following deadlines are strictly observed (we will evaluate the schedule as we go, and make changes as necessary.  In particular, as I learn to streamline the GM duties, we'll make more time available for players to consider overt responses and write stories):

Turns Due:                        First Monday of month

Overt Stories Due:               Second Monday of month

Turn Results Sent to Players:   Second Monday of month

Gazette #1 Published:            Wednesday after second Monday

Overt Responses Due:             Third Monday of Month

Overt Outcomes Sent to Players: Fourth Monday of Month

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