Crossover Earth '98

Earth-1 Player Characters

What follows is a list of player characters and their players, along with a link to data pages for each player.  Note that the data presented on these pages is not necessarily public knowledge, but is presented to give players a better understanding of the characters for the purposes of writing overt responses and stories.

See below for notes on script immunity.

           The Characters                      The Players

Anchorman Michael Kelly
Blur Paul Cocker
Cult of Lordruu Scott Bennie
Dynamo Scott Couchman
The Gnome Christopher Shea
The Goblin King Logan RS Abbitt, esq
The Machine Logan RS Abbitt, esq
Mark Battle Scott Bennie
Mastiff Paul Cocker
Old Glory Mike Cocker
Saber Scott Couchman
Spectrum Michael Kelly
Totem Mike Cocker
Wayward Christopher Shea

   Inactive Characters (due to player absence)

Apocalypse Now Ken St. Andre
Arcane Ken St. Andre
Avalon Michael Surbrook
The Avenger Mark Edwards
Cassandra Netherland Lise Mendel
Cheshire Steve Stackhouse
Edge Adam Campbell
Kayli Michael Surbrook
Kuraboshi Scott Schimmel
Lady Arachne Lise Mendel
Mongo Mark Edwards
Pariah Scott Schimmel
Silhouette Scott Schimmel
Strobe Adam Campbell
Traveller Nestor Rodriguez
Watchman Steve Stackhouse

Script Immunity

Script immunity represents something that cannot happen to a character.   Such immunity largely depends on how the player wants the character handled.   All player characters have the 'cannot be killed' immunity unless the player requests otherwise.

Cannot be killed: This script immunity means that no matter how badly you beat a character, they'll live to fight another day.  This is in the grand tradition of comic books, and only applies to player characters.  Typically a player character will only be killed upon prior arrangement between the GM and the player.  Note that this does not provide immunity from long hospital stays or painful wounds.

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