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Crossover Earth Gazette

The Crossover Earth Gazette chronicles the history of the game world. Please note that the not all the knowledge contained in the gazette is considered to be character knowledge. The players in the game will end up knowing much more about the other characters than their characters know. Players are encouraged to use this information to better plan overt responses (see the section on gameplay examples for an example), but should keep their character knowledge in mind.

Note that stories submitted for the gazette should be in the following format (this format greatly simplifies the GM's work of putting the story in the gazette):

  1. HTML.  This link has a template for use in stories.

If you can't do HTML, then use one of the following formats, in order of GM preference:

  1. Microsoft Word document
  2. RTF format
  3. A word processing format Microsoft Word can read
  4. Straight ASCII text, single spaced, with an extra space separating paragraphs, newlines at paragraph end only.  Include <p> at the start of every paragraph to make things easier on me.

Note that attaching a file to your mail message is the best way of getting a story to me intact.  Cutting and pasting into the body of your mail message will probably insert line breaks that I'll have to manually remove, which is a Bad Thing for me.

The following categories exist in the gazette:

Global News



Out of Character

Global News: This section is how the GM will distribute publicly accessible information about the game world.  A player can assume their characters have access to all the information in this section.  Players can submit articles for the news.

Classifieds: The classifieds section is a place for in-character advertisements.  The GM may place ads here from non-player characters, and players are encouraged to submit ads as appropriate for their characters.  Each ad must be given a source (New York Times, Villains R Us web site, etc.).  Players should use the source of the ad to determine if their character is likely to have seen it.

Stories: Information in stories should not be considered public knowledge unless the story has the event being witnessed by other people.  In particular, what a character thinks or exchanges between two characters that are not overheard should not be considered public knowledge.  Stories in the gazette fall into one of four basic types:

  1. Overt Outcomes
  2. GM Background
  3. Player Background
  4. Preplanned Stories

Overt Outcomes: These tell the story of what happened during a particular overt and how it was resolved. Most typically these stories will read like a prose comic book, with blow-by-blow accounts of battles between heroes and villains. These are always written by the winner of the overt. The winner is free to write the story in any way they see fit, but we provide the following guidelines:

  1. Stories should at least loosely follow the overt response sent by the GM (typically the GM will not overwhelm you with details, leaving you free to work them out on your own).
  2. Other characters should be represented fairly. Players will often have a feel for how a character should be represented from previous stories in the gazette, and from overt responses

GM Background: These tell something about the game world that the GM wants players to know (or just felt the need to write). They will typically involve non-player characters and some elements of various plots and sub-plots going on in the game world.

Player Background: These tell something about a player's character that the player wants other players to know (or just felt the need to write). Players will often write these about villains that haven't had an overt lately, to give others an idea of what they're up to.  The idea of these stories is to advance a plotline the player has or to provide character development.

Preplanned Stories: Preplanned stories are those that are developed in cooperation between two players, bypassing the normal sequence of gameplay. 

Out of Character: Game related articles by players are also welcome, and will be placed in this section.  Appropriate submissions might be a listing of humurous awards so far in the game, a discussion of playing styles and their applicability in Crossover Earth, etc.  Basically, anything Crossover Earth related that is outside the actual game.

Note that to allow each player plenty of time to write their stories, the current issue of the gazette reports on stories from the previous month. So the gazette put up at the end of November has stories from October's turn.

All copyrights to stories are retained by the authors.  Rights to characters are held by the character's creator.

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