Crossover Earth '98

Game System

The game system used for Crossover Earth is the Hero sytem.  The game system is used to resolve overt conflicts by the GM.  The players will never need to roll dice or otherwise do anything but concentrate on role-playing. 

Note that players do not need to own or have played the official game system.   Characters submitted from other systems will be converted into the official game system by the GM (or at least a conversion will be attempted).  If you don't own any game system, you can even just describe your powers in plain English, and the GM will do his best to create a character of an appropriate power level for the game.

Character Creation: When creating characters in the Hero system, observe the following restrictions:

  1. Characters should be in the 250 to 500 point range.  Note that the lower end of the range is preferable, however a good justification can make or break a high point character.  Also, a high point character that is only moderately effective in combat is preferable to a combat machine.  In general, worry about staying true to your conception of the character, not about spending every point that you can.
  2. Sidekicks can generally be anywhere from 150 to 250 points.  Sidekicks generally help the character and provide an extension to the character.
  3. The use of time travel and dimension travel as powers is not allowed.  The use of time travel and/or dimension travel as part of a character's origin is allowed, although the GM may tweak details a bit.
  4. No ultra-powerful characters, regardless of points used.  The high end of the power scale (500+ points or highly combat effective) is reserved for NPCs.  As always, the final decision is the GM's; you're better off pitching a character that needs toned down than doing the toning down in advance.
  5. Providing NPCs in your character's background is encouraged.  These NPCs become the property of the GM, and will no doubt show up at the worst possible moment during the game.

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