Crossover Earth '98

General Gameplay

Turns: Each turn in Crossover Earth covers one month of game time. At the beginning of a turn, a player emails the GM orders for each of his characters for the entire turn. Such orders may be anything from investigating a series of robberies to committing a series of robberies.  See the section on turns for more details.

Overts: When a character has an overt action in a turn, the GM must determine who, if anybody, opposes that overt.  An overt encounter is sent to each player with characters involved.  The original overt order is sent to everyone along with any other pertinent information (if there is information in an overt that should not be sent to the players involved, then note that separately).  Click here for an example of a detailed overt.

Overt Responses: Each player involved in an overt determines how their character will react. Cooperation between players is allowable as long as it stays in character. So if two characters are heroes on the same team, their players could coordinate their responses to the overt. It should be clear from the overt description if the characters would have time to plan their actions.

Overt Outcome: Once all overt responses are in, the GM will determine final results and send email to all involved parties. Typically there is a winner and a loser in overts, and as in real life the winner gets to write the history. In this case, the history is a story written for the Crossover Earth Gazette. The stories must follow in general the overt outcome and fairly represent other characters, although the winner has license with everything else. The winner is sent the other characters' overt responses to use as a guide for the story. Just remember that while you're writing the story this month, next month it might be someone else handling your character. The idea is for everyone to have fun.

Gazette: Once all overts are resolved and all non-overt related stories are in, the Crossover Earth Gazette is published. The next turn starts the cycle again.

For an example of this entire process, see here.

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