Crossover Earth '98


Heroes are the characters that keep the world from destroying itself and being destroyed by the machinations of villains. A hero typically will react to various events rather than initiating them. A turn for a hero may involve investigating something from a previous turn or working toward something the hero wants to do (become the official superhero of NASA, help create a new soup kitchen, find clues to their true identity to help them overcome amnesia, etc.). Heroes will rarely have turns that initiate overts.

A hero doesn't have to stand alone! A hero can have sidekicks, corporate sponsors, federal backing, an aging aunt, or anything else the player wants. All of this is defined during character creation. Once a character is created and involved in the game, the sidekicks, corporate sponsors, federal backers, and even the aging aunt become non-player characters under the control of the GM. The player retains the ability to suggest actions to these non-player characters, but the GM has the final say. These types of characters are called associated non-player characters.

Associated non-player characters will often be involved in overts along with the heroes. The ever faithful sidekick will help out, or perhaps the aging aunt was in the wrong place at the wrong time. In any case, the player is encouraged to give actions for these associated non-player characters in their turns and overt responses. The GM may overrule these actions for a couple of reasons:

  1. The already established characterization of the associated non-player character leads the GM to think they would react otherwise.

  2. Some plot element that the character isn't aware of is affecting the associated non-player character's actions. This can include being blackmailed, being replaced by a clone from Dimension X, being repulsed by the hero's behavior, etc.

Associated non-player characters add depth to a hero and provide more handles to hang an overt on, and are highly encouraged. Generally it is difficult for a hero to add new associated non-player characters during the course of the game. Notable exceptions are corporate and government sponsorship.

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