Crossover Earth '98


Each month the Crossover Earth Gazette chronicles the happenings in the world.   And, each month you have the opportunity to make your opinion on the stories known through voting.  Voting is open to both players and lurkers, and is somewhat free form.  Voting for a particular issue of the gazette closes the second Monday of the following month. 

Here are the categories in which you can vote:

  1. Favorite stories:  vote for your three favorite stories in that issue of the gazette.  Be certain to rate them from 1 to 3.  The three stories with the highest cumulative ratings will receive mention in the next gazette.
  2. Favorite player characters: vote for your three favoirte player characters.  Note that this vote is based on what they did in the current issue of the gazette.  So if you didn't really like a story, but really enjoyed Lady Arachne's appearance in it, then this is where you would vote.
  3. Favorite non-player charactes: vote for your three favorite non-player characters.   Non-player characters are any characters that do not appear on the player characters page.  You are not limited to those characters that are listed on the non-player characters page.  If you want to vote for the gas station attendant who dove for cover when Kayli showed up, feel free. 
  4. Roll your own category: if something really struck you, but doesn't fit the above categories, feel free to make up your own category.  These are usually humorous, like voting Angel as 'Miss Mangled Religion', etc.  These will be noted in the next gazette, subject to my own discretion.

Important Note:

Do not vote for your own stories, characters, or non-player characters.  A non-player character is yours if you created them in background for your character or in a story.

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