Squidoo Pages

Over a period of about six months, I wrote a couple dozen pages over at Squidoo.com.  Squidoo is a site that makes it easy to write a single web page that is targeted on a single topic.

Note that Squidoo is no more!  None of these pages still exist.  At some point I will recreate them here.

One of the nice bits about Squidoo is that their pages usually rank pretty well in Google.  So they get some traffic.  Another nice bit is that they share advertising revenue with you.  If you refer visitors to books on Amazon, and someone buys a book, you get part of that commission.  Same with eBay, and others.

It doesn’t take that much effort to write a Squidoo page.  Writing a page that is good is harder, and it’s a bit random as to what topics will do well in the long term.  Keyword research doesn’t help much, because the best keywords already have a dozen Squidoo pages about them.  So you’re better off creating pages on topics you’re interested in, and try to make them entertaining.

You don’t make a lot with each page, but you write the page once, and the good ones keep earning.   I make about $15 a month on a couple weeks worth of work three years ago.  And the single lens that earns most of that is my Computer Game Making For Kids lens.  That was the first one I wrote, and none of the others have done nearly as well.

The newest one I’ve written is How To Survive Being Sucked Into A Dimensional Portal.  It’s more of a humor piece, and one I’ve been intending to write for some time.

If you’ve got some time, head over to Squidoo.com and try your hand at creating a few lenses.

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